mass communication

Mass COmmunication

PHILOSOPHY The University of Mkar, Mkar and Mass Communication Department         expect to train vibrant young men and women in the theory and practice     of communication. The programme would equip them on the effective    use of communication skills for the task of    information dissemination for grassroots mobilization at the state,         national …

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Sociology UMM


Welcome. The sociology programme of this university is anchored on the desire to produce knowledgeable graduates who are grounded in the dynamics of the Nigerian peoples, their culture and society in particular and those of the global society in general. The course also lays the foundation of such knowledge to enable students/graduates cope with differing …

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management science UMM

Business Management

Welcome to both fresh and returning students to this department. The department offers B.Sc. Business Management and B.Sc. Entrepreneurship as undergraduate programmes, while post graduate programmes include Master in Business Administration (MBA), Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and Entrepreneurship (PGDE) The world operates as a global village where Business and Entrepreneurial activities are in-evitable as …

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