Welcome to Department of Education

Department of Education was established in October 2018. The University fought tooth and nail for the establishment of the Department from the foundation stage of resource verification and approval of proposed programmes (full-time mode) of the Department of Education by the National Universities Commission. Get a world-class educatioin at an affordable cost and discover your possibilities and abilities with an undergraduate degree in education from The University of Mkar, Mkar.

Dean college of Education

Dr. Gabriel Torhange Akpe (HoD Education)

Programmes Approved by NUC


To produce effective and hardworking Christian teachers/educators that will meet the global competitiveness in teacher education as well as the yearnings of the country.


In line with the above vision, the mission of Education Programmes is to:-

  1. Enable students to acquire the various concepts, principles, theories laws and conception schemes of their relevant subject
  2. Enable students to acquire necessary teaching and practical skills and other aspects of methodology of teaching
  3. Help students to become effective classroom teachers
  4. To expose students to industrial applications of their subjects
  5. Acquire the ethics of teaching as a profession
  6. Become professional teachers
  7. Disseminate information in their areas of specialization in the society
  8. Develop necessary laboratory/practical skills
  9. Develop positive values and attitudes for efficient discharge of their duty as teachers