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"Our mission is to raise up young men and women that are God fearing, properly focused, generally goal driven, morally upright, intellectually sound, mentally alert, enterprisingly minded, and spiritually alive." Professor Iorwuese Dickson Gernah MBAN, MNIFST, MIOB,AMNSN. Professor of Food Science and Technology and Vice-Chancellor,University of Mkar.

Biology Laboratory

Mkar University is a unique place for all those who aspire to reach those satisfying heights in life.

UMM Library

Computerized library with an open access system Audio Visual Rooms with Internet, LCD, OHP etc. Best College Award by FJEI Well equipped science and computer laboratories

UMM Media Centre

Basic Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Development Centre was established under Entrepreneurship & Library gradation up wing of the CPE Scheme. The Centre Functions as an independent unit to effectively take the benefit of the Scheme to the Students.

Students Hostel

The University provide Portable accommodation for her students with full water, electricity and security.

About us

                                            THE UNIVERSITY

University of Mkar, Mkar is a private Christian institution established by the Universal Reformed Church of Christ (URCC) to make a mark in the educational landscape of the nation.  Founded in June, 2005, it is a model University that is technologically driven, has strong passion for academic excellence, emphasises character development and puts God at the centre of all learning.

As a modern University, University of Mkar promotes entrepreneurship and innovation at the highest level while e-learning and e-administration remain key drivers of excellence in the University.  In pursuance of this objective, all full-time academic staff of the University have free branded laptops given by the University for digital aided teaching and research, while a wireless internet facility is being provided for both staff and students.  Similarly, all departments and units of the University are fully computerised ready for networking.   To meet up with the requirements of modern learning, every student of the University is encouraged to be ICT compliant. In addition, all undergraduate students of the University are resident on the campus.

                                BRIEF HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY

The Universal Reformed Christian Church (URCC) is the sole proprietor of University of Mkar, Mkar a Christian University situated in Benue State. The URCC evolved from the Dutch reformed Christian mission and the Sudan United Mission. Its core mandate was primarily to evangelize the Tiv land and other parts of Nigeria. However with time, education, health care delivery and agricultural development initiatives were incorporated as vital components of their evangelical mission
Mkar town from where the University derives its name has played host to many schools established by the Universal Reformed Christian Church including the first Teachers Training College in North Central Nigeria, lather the Institute of Christian and Management Studies.
Because of the desire to evangelize the Nigerian society and the rest of the world with the instrumentality of university education using the campus as a mission field informed the desire to establish the University of Mkar and by June 2005 the National Universities Commission (NUC) issued the URCC a license for the Institution.
Consequent upon the acquisition of an operational license from the NUC, the Proprietor galvanized momentum and initiated the University of Mkar’s Vision and mission by mobilizing for the takeoff of the institution and today the university is neck deep in the business of breeding agents of change for the society, the church and the academy who upon graduation are released like divine arrows to specific sectors of the nation’s economy to drive home the expected change.




The Council is the highest governing authority of the University. It is charged with the general responsibility for policy, finances; particularly the control of the property and expenditure of the University, as well as the public relations.

Many members of the Council are drawn from the general public. The Pro-Chancellor is the Chairman of Council which also includes among its membership, the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, as well as representatives of the University Senate and the Congregation. Most of the work of the council is carried on, in between meetings by the following Committees/Boards.

  • Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Tenders Board
  • Expenditure and Equipment Committee
  • Building Works and Sites Committee
  • Appointments & Promotions Committee for Non-Academic
  • Appointment and Promotions Committee for Academic Staff
  • Bookshop Board of Management
  • Board of Governors of University Staff Schools
  • Housing Allocation Committee
  • Committee on Security
  • Estimates Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee
  • Junior Staff Disciplinary Committee
  • Vehicle Loans Committee
  • Endowment Fund Committee
  • Board of Management of University Consultancy Services
  • Management Boards of UMM Profit Centres
The Governing Council of the University of Mkar, Mkar consists of the following:
Ex-Officio Members
 Abraham Akpe Esq., OFR, mni
Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council - Chairman
 Prof. D. I. Gernah
Vice-Chancellor - Member
 Dr. S. Abekhale
Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Member
Appointees of the Proprietor
 Cdr. J. I. Afeah
NKST Lagos - Member
 Chief T. S. Adzaagee
NKST Makurdi Central - Member
 Prof. D. V. Uza
NKST Makurdi Central - Member
 Mr. I. Tor
- Member
 Rev. M. Akem
Office of the NKST Education Secretary, Mkar - Member
 Atese P. N. Ugah
NKST Women Fellowship Secretariat, Mkar - Member
Representative of Benue State Ministry Of Education
 Rev. S. Ekirigwe
Ministry of Education, Makurdi - Member
TEKAN Representative
 Rev. M. Ebuga
TEKAN Headquarters, Jos - Member
Senate Representative
 Dr. T. Aboiyar
Ag. H.O.D., Dept. of Maths/Computer Science/
Ag. Director, Research and Training, University of Mkar - Member
 Dr. D. T. Gundu
Ag. Director, Academic Planning, University Of Mkar - Member
 Mr. E. S. Iyorkyaan
Ag. Registrar University of Mkar - Ag. Registrar
In Attendance
 Mr. I. Mker
Ag. Bursar University of Mkar - Ag. Bursar
 Mr. D. Y. Kassar
Ag. University Librarian University of Mkar - Ag. University Librarian
 Mr. J. P. Korna
Asst. Registrar(EST), University Of Mkar - Asst. Registrar(Est)
 Rev. J. N. Tseeneke
Asst. Registrar(EST), University Of Mkar - Asst. Registrar(Est)